American Writers Review 2019

Submissions Now Open!



For our 2020 issue, we seek submissions of previously unpublished poems, short stories, creative non-fiction, art and photography. Submissions can be sent to us through our Online Submission Manager.  We will not accept emailed or snail mailed submissions.

Regular submissions will be accepted from September 1, 2019, to March 2020.  We will be charging a small reading fee of $5 to defray our costs.  Payment is in contributor's copies.  

Contest submissions will be accepted from September 1, 2019 to December 30, 2019.

For both contest and regular submissions, we are looking for previously unpublished work, well-written, with a human sensibility.  Few things are complete turn-offs, but porn, excessive gore, and gratuitous violence would be.  Work aimed at a children's audience is likewise not a good fit for us.

Submissions must be in English, double-spaced, in Word or RTF format.

Please be advised: our format is 6”x 9” - with about 65 character lengths. Keep this in mind when submitting pieces that require special formatting. We want you to be happy, but the laws of physics are immutable.

Simultaneous submissions: Of course you do it.   Everyone does it.  Just let us know as soon as you can if you have been accepted elsewhere.

If you want to enter a piece in the contest and as a regular submission, you are, of course, free to do so.

Any questions, please email us at