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The First of Our Author Readings

The First of Our Author Readings


“…a perfect carry around book…the American Writers Review proves to be compelling, and offers both insight and entertainment. It's a book worth reading.”

Story Circle Network


“[Ferrara’s] keen insight and careful reading…does justice to my work.”

  • Paul Fericano, author “Things That Go Trump In the Night”, Little City Press

“(Editor) D Ferrara is the best friend a writer ever had!”

  • Andrew Grell, author “Scapegoats”, Golden Fleece Press

San Fedele Press is Pleased to Announce:

American Writers Review, 2019

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Meet Our Contributors!

As we readied American Writers Review for press, we asked some of our contributors to tell us their thoughts.  Give a look.


One Small Step....

  With each new issue of American Writers Review, the editors and writers tried to find the best writing to share with their readers.  After a brief hiatus, Pat Florio, our founder, is back, with D Ferrara, her co-editor of Jewels of San Fedele. Pat and D discovered their complementary skills could produce something extraordinary


We hope to continue, not from where we left off, but from where we strive to be.

Patricia Florio

Patricia Florio

Patricia Florio

After co-founding the Jersey Shore Writers and the original East Meets West American Writers Review, I found it only natural to save D Ferrara from herself when she blurted out a promise to publish the "jewels" of a writers' retreat in Chianti.  We created a wonderful book.  We didn't kill each other.  We decided to be partners.

d ferrara

d ferrara

D Ferrara

I used to think that writing kept me sane.  Maybe it did. But with age, came a Vespa - evidence that writing may have other side effects.  Then Pat Florio asked me to work with her on American Writers Review. It seemed an even better result.